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Singers for all events


What we offer:

Our approach gives the flexibility of devising unique programmes and we work with our clients to create the perfect entertainment.

As each client's requirements vary, we cost each engagement individually. We are happy to work within a given budget and special consideration will be given to charities for a fundraising event. Performances are usually accompanied by piano or harp, although we can also provide an instrumental ensemble, or a full scale orchestra if required.


Below is a brief description of the types of performance we offer.

However, we invite you to contact us to discuss your requirements. 


What makes us different?

Opera is unique and can thrill, amuse and move an audience like no other entertainment.  We have been the market leader for 25 years and so have considerable experience in creating performances that are absolutely perfect for each event.  We work with our clients to create the perfect, bespoke programme.  Whether for a corporate event, wedding or private party you can rest assured that our performance will be of the highest artistic standards.  


Our track record says it all: our performances have ranged from a Soirée  in the presence of Her Majesty the Queen Mother to a private party for the Spice Girls.  Our wealth of experience is there to help you arrange a superb and memorable evening of opera you and your guests will never forget. 


Opera and music have been performed in palaces, castles and country houses for centuries when a host would employ great composers such as Handel and Mozart to compose music of the very highest calibre to entertain their guests.  

It is now possible to hold corporate and private events in many of the world’s great venues such as Kensington Palace, Blenheim Palace, Brocket Hall and Cliveden in the UK, and  Villa d’Este on Lake Como and the Ysuspov Palace in St Petersburg for instance.  Of course it is only natural that a host would now wish to include opera and music to entertain their guests in these great settings.  Live music makes a venue come to life like nothing else!


Opera Interludes has done much to revive the tradition of presenting a programme of opera and music to enhance a dinner, reception or party. A Gala or Soirée programme can include well-known arias and ensembles from opera, operetta and songs from popular musicals. 

Opera Gala or soiree evening

Opera Gala or Opera Soirée Evening 

Providing well-known opera, operetta and musicals for all types of events and occasions.

This programme of opera, operetta and musicals can be presented before, after, or in sections during the courses of a dinner or reception, and is usually presented with spoken introductions and with a 'light touch' when appropriate. These performances are essentially presenting opera as an 'entertainment' which usually has an emphasis on fun and humour, as well as including more emotional and dramatic pieces.

The programme can include the works of the great composers such as Mozart, Verdi, Rossini, Bizet, Puccini as well as lighter repertoire from Gilbert and Sullivan, Gershwin, Bernstein, Rodgers and Hammerstein and Lloyd Webber

Highlight opera performances

Highlight Performances

In the 'Highlight Series' we present the key scenes from a particular opera, linked with narration giving abridged versions of Verdi's La Traviata, Puccini's Madame Butterfly & Tosca, Bizet's Carmen and Mozart's The Magic Flute. The performances are dramatised and presented in full costume.

This series is unique to Opera Interludes, and offers the client the opportunity to invite their guests to a specific opera, and as the performance last approximately one hour, it can comfortably be linked with a dinner or lunch. Also, as the series involves a smaller cast than a full performance the cost in considerably less.

The Highlight Performance can be followed by a short selection of well-known 'encores' from other operas after an interval break.

Full length Opera productions

Full length performances and full opera productions in costume

Our full-length productions include extended Opera Galas in one or two parts with either piano or instrumental accompaniment. Usually two productions are available each year which can include full, two-part productions in costume of La Traviata, Madame Butterfly, Carmen, La Bohème, The Magic Flute or Cosi fan Tutte.

This particular option is generally for a larger scale corporate or charity-fundraising event, but several clients have presented a whole opera performance for a birthday party or wedding anniversary.

Fantastic costumes


Wonderful costumes are a particular specialty of the company. Opera Galas can be in glamorous modern evening gowns and white tie and tails, but it can transform a performance to have period evening dress such as Regency, Victorian or Edwardian. Costumes for specific operas are of a very high quality and design.

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