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The Surprise Effect!

For a special occasion you might like to begin the evening with a surprise start where ‘disguised’ waiters or party guests bursting into song to the amazement of your guests. 


In an incredibly entertaining special effect our first-class opera singers will surprise your guests by unexpectedly bursting into song in their superb operatic voices.  The opera singers will then reveal themselves not to be waiters, but distinguished and talented opera artists of the highest calibre from the Royal Opera House, English National Opera and Glyndebourne. 


As well as surprise singing waiters we have also dressed our fabulous opera artists as car technicians, doctors, nurses, paramedics and security guards.  It’s up to you which disguise would be most effective for your event. We haven’t yet been asked to present ‘surprise singing scuba-divers’ or ‘singing trapeze artists’ but we pride ourselves on rising to a challenge. 


The sky’s the limit! 


The ‘surprise effect’ works particularly well for private parties such as birthdays or anniversaries, wedding receptions and corporate and charity events. 

Singing Waiters & Surprise Party Guests

Surprise singing waiters for parties

A 'waiter' bursts in to song at a private event

Surprise opera for parties

How Opera Interludes Singing Waiters works:


Our Singing Waiters would dress in the uniform of the hotel or venue where your event is being held (or whatever dress would be most effective) and subtly join the waiting staff, or mingle with your guests to set up the fun deception.  At the appropriate moment the instrumental introduction to a well-known opera piece begins and a tenor starts singing impressively, followed by an equally talented baritone, then a mezzo-soprano and finally a soprano to complete the ensemble.  By the end of the piece the audience will be in raptures and the operatic entertainment has begun in a fun, relaxed and innovative way your guests will always remember. 


This is not a gimmick, but real opera singers employing the element of surprise to enhance a performance of the highest artistic standards, adding a special dimension to what will already be a highly entertaining evening of opera. 

An operatic policeman at a birthday 'arrest'

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